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Vero Beach, Florida


We offer professional lifestyle assistance to busy individuals
seeking first-class lifestyle concierge services.

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We are committed to providing customized estate management
services to all our clients.


We offer peace of mind and unparalleled service while handling all of your everyday tasks.

You will find yourself accomplishing the more important goals in your life rather than being frustrated by all those "little things" that always seem to pop up and get in the way.

For more information,
or to schedule a property management consultation, call Patti Martin at
(772) 205-5860

Repairs & Service

As repairs & services are needed or requested, we will facilitate and oversee the completion of all projects.

24-7 Emergency Services

Immediate response to any emergency 24-hours a day,
7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Exterior Inspection

Landscape appearance & health, pool cleanliness & equipment inspections, insect infestation, surface cracks, leaks, water intrusion, and etc.

Cleaning & Maintenance

House cleaning, window cleaning, carpet & upholstery cleaning, dry cleaning, laundry pickup & delivery, pressure washing, and etc.

Interior Inspection

To ensure your property is safe and operating correctly, we inspect the Air Conditioning System, Electrical, Plumbing, Appliances, Mold or Water Damage, and etc.

Vehicle Care

Start & drive vehicle weekly, check battery charge, deliver vehicle(s) if requested.

Service Monitoring

Monitor your home, pool service company, landscaper, pest control service, etc. Should any issues arise, we will communicate with the appropriate service provider & provide interior access to your vendors.

Property Bills & Mail

Manage mail & pay property bills. If requested, we will send one bill at the end of the month, which enables you to pay one bill rather than multiple bills at once.

Limo & Airport Transfers

We assist with getting to and from the airport in a timely manner. 

Delivery Reception

Whether you ship something to your home, or to us, we inspect every delivery for damages and have ready for you.

Grocery Shopping

Contact us prior to your arrival and we will stock your kitchen with the
items you request.

Severe Weather 

Clients are notified of any severe weather conditions. We bring in all outdoor items, put up existing shutters, and provide clients with inspections and reports. 

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